Camp Cumberland

I don’t wanna answer the mailbox
And I don’t wanna open the phone
I got no time to spend
Getting worried with friends
Except those who leave me alone

I don’t need a kick in the shoulder
I don’t need a pat on the rear
I don’t need a bug in my bonnet
To tell me that something’s a-buzz in my ear

I just wanna go sleep in Camp Cumberland
Fall off my feet into slumberland
Make my escape where the sun
Never wakes up the day
I just wanna go sleep in Camp Cumberland
And slip away

I don’t need a round in the chamber
I don’t need a shot ‘neath my belt
I don’t need blood on my blade
Or an edge in my veins
To show me the hand I’ve been dealt

I’ve been worn like a fret ‘neath a finger
I’ve been torn like a hand from a glove
I’ve been wrapped in the bosom of justice
I’ve been slapped by the strong-arm of love