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"a great picker and a killer songwriter" - Acoustic Guitar Magazine






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"After a recent concert in Connecticut, someone came up to me and asked 'My God, this guy lives such a crazy life. When does he have time to write songs?' They had just listened to two hours of songs and stories about the life of the singer who, it seemed, had been a hot-wire artist, a junk yard denizen, a catfish farmer. Through it all he was a songwriter who had plied his trade from New York City to Nashville, loving a few dozen women, fathering a bunch of kids, meeting car-jacking mothers, buying sunglasses in Barcelona and dancing naked in parking lots with everyone except Muddy Waters. This listener, like so many others, had been beguiled into the fictional world of Eddy Lawrence, a world so full of truth that it's hard to remember it's all a story written in songs by one of the country's great unknowns."
                                           - Cliff Furnald, Dirty Linen

Eddy Lawrence

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Eddy & Kim’s latest release
My Second Wife’s First Album

This CD is a return to the acoustic sounds that first brought attention to Eddy’s music back in the 1980s.

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Inside My Secret Pocket

Eddy's CD
Inside My Secret Pocket

“…on this newest release, Lawrence has outdone himself…This album is a pure delight, even if it was a heart-breaker for him to make.”
                              - Ed Silverman/Dirty Linen

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