Shine On! Shine On!

River Mohawk BandSnowplow Records is happy to announce the release of “Shine On! Shine On!” the first CD by the River Mohawk Band.

Originally a band of brothers and cousins from the Snye area of Akwesasne, the group has had various members throughout the years.  But for over twenty years the band has been a trio led by Roger Mitchell, who is the lead singer and bassist.  Roger’s brother, Russell, was the drummer with the band for many of those years with the brothers being joined by a succession of guitarists.

in loving memoryThe new CD was recorded in 2006, shortly before Russell’s untimely death in 2007 at the age of 43.  In addition to Russell on drums and Roger on bass and vocals, the CD features Eddy Lawrence on lead guitar.  Eddy, who has been the band’s guitarist since 2003, recorded, mixed and mastered the CD at his studio in Moira, NY.

In addition to many of the songs that the band is known for at their live shows, the CD features an original song by Roger called “Flying High” that was written in honor and remembrance of his brother and that is performed acoustically by Roger and Eddy.

The closing song on the CD, a live version of “The Midnight Special” recorded in 2004 at the American Legion in Akwesasne, begins with Russell giving instructions to the other band members and shouting exhortations as the song begins.  His call of “Shine On! Shine On!” gives the album its title.

“Shine On! Shine On!” was released March 18, 2017.


CDs can be purchased locally at:Russell "Hoss" Mitchell

Grace & Allan's Tobacco Shop

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Gift Shop
CT's Store on St. Regis Road
Wild Bill's
Akwesasne Mini-Mart
Big Boy's Gas & Tobacco
American Legion Post 1479
Red Fox Gas & Convenience
Truck Stop #9
Dick's Country Store & Music Oasis in Churubusco, NY

And wherever you see the band playing!

Proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to benefit Russell’s daughters, Lindsay and Samantha.


To order your own copy of the CD, send $15 US or $20 CDN plus $3 shipping & handling via PayPal to or by check to the address below.


Currently the River Mohawk Band appears with Roger Mitchell on bass, Barry Corley on drums, and Eddy Lawrence on lead guitar.

Roger Mitchell Barry Corley Eddy Lawrence

The beadwork on the drum and the guitar straps were all done by Russell.


River Mohawk Band


For booking call Roger Mitchell at 613-575-2203


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